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My Favorite Sport

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Contest | 5 comments

What’s my favorite sport? Apart from football and futsal, definitely it’s badminton. We can’t deny that badminton is one of the hottest sports in our nation, and it is able to unite us to support our national badminton players in any big games around the world. I’ve been playing badminton more than 15 years, even until now it’s my weekly routine with my friends, which is something we all looking forward throughout the hectic week. We took the picture below during our session last week. I was learning to do a jump-smash from my friend. He’s really good in smashing!

#Thunderbolt #AllianzCrazyGames2016

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Upgrade Your Ironing Experience!

Posted by on Feb 26, 2014 in Advertorial, Review | 0 comments

Ironing a shirt to perfection may seem like a mystery of the universe, you may Google for tips and techniques to get your shirt ironed very well but still, it is not even close to perfect. By reading this post, you will know how to get your shirt ironed perfectly with least techniques and energy. Hereby I am recommending LAURASTAR, which is a Swiss company founded in 1990, producer and distributor of ‘Garment Care Systems’. LAURASTAR is the pioneer and also expert in garment care and ironing field where the company exports to 37 foreign countries and more than 2 millions products were sold worldwide. FYI, 25% of Swiss households owns a LAURASTAR! They emphasize on high-end, patented and innovative technology, quality, reliable and long-lasting products, contemporary, elegant and iconic design.

Are you excited to experience the new way of ironing? LAURASTAR LIFT is the latest trend in town. You will discover the most advanced LAURASTAR technology in the revolutionary LAURASTAR LIFT collection. You can simply say goodbye to unwanted creases with LAURASTAR’s unique professional soleplate, which diffuses ultra-fine yet powerful steam. At the same time, direct the iron effortlessly and let it do the rest!

Now I am going to reveal the major secrets to stress free ironing. Let’s look at the elegant yet useful LAURASTAR LIFT. It comes with few sharp and classy colours such as pure white, original red, extra taupe, ultimate black, pinky top and the exclusive platinum. You can now pick your LAURASTAR LIFT with your favourite colour.

Things included in the LAURASTAR LIFT package are easy to carry handle, secure compartment for the iron, steam cord storage, removable water tank, feets (base) and insulating mat for warm iron.

Pinky top color to match with girlish personalities.

Ultimate black LAURASTAR LIFT with LAURASTAR comfort board.

For me, I will pick this platinum LAURASTAR LIFT because it looks simply elegant and cool. I wish it is mine!

My mum will definitely choose the original red LAURASTAR LIFT.

So, here are the secrets to stress free ironing by using LAURASTAR LIFT!

1. One Temperature Setting

Iron all your clothes with one temperature setting. Iron cotton then silk, then wool, then chiffon! NEVER burn your clothes again or worry about water marks.

2. Do It Yourself – Dry Clean At Home

Touch your clothing and sanitize your clothes with dry steam at 160 celcius. Save on expensive dry cleaning bills!

3. No More Shiny Marks

Hate those shiny marks? Especially on that brand new pair of pants you wore just once? Save your pants and delicate clothing.

4. Iron Over Prints

Iron over the rubber prints on your t-shirts. Yes, you can!

5. Cut Your Ironing Time In Half

Iron few layers at once! The extra fine stream penetrates right to the heart of the fibers leaving the material flat, smooth and dry. Less effort but produces perfect results every time.

6. Perfect Long Lasting Results

Hate it when wrinkles return after you think you are done with your ironing? The high pressure dry steam from LAURASTAR creates perfect results that stays that way. No need for double effort.

Besides LAURASTAR LIFT, there is another big brother in the house which is the LAURASTAR PULSE. With LAURASTAR PULSE, it restores the original beauty of your clothes by implementing the latest technological innovation.

This is the appearance of a LAURASTAR PULSE, which everything is systematic! It is proved that life is easier with LAUASTAR. With this LAURASTAR PULSE, it is ready to use in no time. Besides, you will experience an uninterrupted ironing because the removable water tank has an integrated anti-scale filter. It is a real time-saver!

It has 2 pairs of integrated wheels, patented opening and foldable system, and 6 height-adjustment settings. Furthermore, LAURASTAR PULSE is space-saving and has automatic cable rewinder. There is no doubt for the safety of Swiss products, it will automatically stops after 15 minutes of non-use and there is a secure storage box for the iron itself.

So we knew that we can have our lives easier with LAURASTAR, now I am going to tell you that life is more beautiful with LAURASTAR.

1. Intelligent Ironing

Pulsed steam, the latest LAURASTAR innovation, is diffused in short intermittent and automatic pulses. For automatic steam, simply move the handle of the iron.

2. Remove Creases In A Single Movement

The patented LAURASTAR 3D active soleplate diffuses steam evenly. It can be shown in the pictures below. First we take a jeans with wrinkles which are hardly to be ironed nicely.

This is what you see after the jeans is ironed by the LAURASTAR PULSE with just a SINGLE MOVE! Believe it or not, you just need to push it once gently, steam will be diffused throughout the layers evenly and this is the result you will get. It is just so efficient and effective. I bet you can save more than 3 minutes before you go to work or school every morning.

3. Preserves Fabrics And Colors 

The steam is ultra-fine and ultra-powerful. The removable soleplate protects delicate fabrics from unnecessary heat. For the very first time, I see people iron on printings without any hesitation.

4. Prevent Unwanted Creases 

The active board is equipped with a 2-speed blower and vacuum system.

5. Impeccable Folds On Trousers

The active board is equipped with a vacuum system.

6. Vertical Freshening Up

A truly professional iron thanks to LAURASTAR’s unique powerful steam (double volume of extra fine steam).

7. A Longer-Lasting Result

Cold air from the board sets the fabrics. The active 3D soleplate performs two simultaneous actions to offer an unrivaled quality of ironing in a single movement: the 3D soleplate straightens the fabric while the steam is injected onto the entire surface of the soleplate to effortlessly eliminate creases. The fibres are completely refreshed, enabling your clothes to stay beautiful for longer.

For now, LAURASTAR products are available at Harvey Norman, Rakuten, Lazada and others. They are quality products with effectiveness, efficiency and design. You will not regret by having a LAURASTAR at your home with all those advantages. For more information, log on to

A big ‘thank you’ to the staff from Visionary Solutions and LAURASTAR for the demonstration and invitation. Let’s continue to make the ultimate beauty of clothes accessible to everyone!

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Toyota Vios 2013 Best Deal

Posted by on Nov 29, 2013 in Review | 0 comments

The 2013 Toyota Vios has just been launched in Malaysia and there is already a long queue at every Toyota dealership in Malaysia. If you are looking for one, why not skip the line for time-saving at the same time with a more reasonable price? You may need to share this post with your family and friends after reading, no thanks!

How about a brand new red Vios for this coming Christmas and New Year?

Let’s get into the topic, you might have seen and tested the car at the showroom before this but still considering whether to purchase or not due to several reasons. I believe most of you are having the same consideration which is the price, but what if I tell you we eliminate your problem and assist you to purchase your favorable car with reasonable price? All thanks to!

With, you can simply access to the full database of used cars and new cars posted by sellers all over Malaysia. For example, if you are looking for the whole new 2013 Toyota Vios, you can simply search the keyword ‘Vios 2013’ by using the advanced search feature on the website then you will get to view all 2013 Toyota Vios on sale. *even it is new car!*

You can simply Google ‘Carsifu’ or head to ‘’, click on the ‘register’ button to be a new member so that you will receive updates and newsletters in the future. It will be easier for you to contact sellers and buyers.

As you can see the screenshot below, it was the result found after I searched for Toyota Vios. There are over 500 Toyota Vios for sale in Malaysia on including the latest 2013 version. Hence you can compare them in consideration of the specification, color, usage, year and definitely prices. In short, you saved time + energy + money! With internet and, to purchase a car is just few clicks away.

Besides, there is a hit counter for every post on the website so that you probably know which one is the best deal among all. Normally, I will first click into those with highest views to check out their pictures and details. Those are usually with more reasonable prices and the offer is better compared to the others.

In the post, you can browse through the pictures posted by the seller to have a better image of the car. A picture says a thousand words. If you are interested to make an appointment to see or test the car, there are details of contact and showroom address in the post, depends on whether the seller publicize his details or not. Anyway, you can always ask the seller to call you back by leaving your email and contact to him with the embedded form at the bottom of every post. It makes our life easier!

Overall, is Malaysia’s largest car website with over 80k new and used cars for sale posted online all over Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. Believe it or not, it is FREE to post! You got the advantage by reading this post, so skip the line out there and start to check out the Toyota Vios that belongs to you now!

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